Our Promise to You

We will continue to be a leader in safe sanitation practices with all team members certified in safe food handling and a certified manager on every shift. All employees are trained on appropriate cleaning and disinfection, hand hygiene, and respiratory etiquette.



Carolina Fried Pickles 

Fried dill pickles coated with Betty Jean's Secret

Seasoning and served with Carolina Sauce

TD’s Pulled Pork Fries 

Hand-crafted pulled pork piled high on top a

bed of crispy french fries, topped off with cheese

Betty’s Pulled Potato 

This flavorful fan-favorite stars a baked potato

piled high with cheese

Carolina Caesar Salad 

A large Caesar salad, perfect for the healthy


Featured Fixin's

Hold the Bun! 

A generous bed of Carolina Slaw topped with

a hand-crafted pulled pork

Side Sampler 

Choose three of your favorite Grandpa TD’s Sides

Kid’s Meal (Ages 12 and Under) 

Chicken nuggets or the kiddo’s choice of one

meat. Includes one of Grandpa TD’s Side


Classic Sandwiches

Includes your choice of two Grandpa TD’s Sides

BJ’s Original Pulled Pork

Hand-crafted recipe passed down for generations, topped with Carolina Slaw. This classic started it all!

Classic Chicken 

Hand-crafted, Carolina smoked, topped with

Carolina Slaw and Betty Jean’s Sweet and

Sassy sauce.

Classic Brisket

Hand-trimmed, Carolina smoked and seasoned

to perfection

Coastal Fixin's

Includes your choice of one Grandpa TD’s Sides

Bayou Po Boy

This southern favorite comes with hand-breaded

shrimp, lettuce, tomato, and Betty Jean’s house-made seafood sauce all in a hoagie

The Coastal

Hand-battered shrimp and the catch of the day

topped with lettuce, tomato, and Betty Jean’s

house-made seafood sauce, all in a hoagie

Shrimp Basket

A dozen delicious, hand-battered shrimp

The Catch

Hand-battered fish


Homemade BBQ Plates

Starring any of our hand-trimmed meats; our meat is traditionally smoked using the first BBQ methods 

introduced to the USA! Includes your choice of two Grandpa TD’s Sides.


Choice of any one meat


Choice of any two meats

Grandma’s Favorite

Choice of any 3 meats

Meat Choices:

Pulled Pork




Angus Brisket

Grandpa TD's Sides

Grandpa’s Baked Beans

Southern Style Green Beans

Carolina Slaw


Fried Okra

Grandpa’s Favorite Mac

Hush Puppies

A southern staple of fried cornbread balls

Carolina Fried Sweet Corn

Sweet corn sautéed and seasoned just like

Grandpa TD would want it



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Located in the Fairchild
Exchange Food Court.


Tuesday - Friday:

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